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Ten spick and span technologies of the month

The modern era are about turning anything to a vogue. Be it lifestyle, music, fashion, or anything else. Technology and innovation are influential to taking these global trends to the next level. Technology and innovation are one of world's most crucial sectors that play a central role in almost all the other sectors. The biggest names in textile sector ensure that they arrange funds specially allotted to development of technology and creation of ideas involving innovation in fibres, yarns, fabrics etc. From those ten better technologies are focused here for our readers who are keen regarding textile and apparel. So if you want to connect with the outside world to send any related information just email at Nike presents seamless Hyperwarm Flex for better thermoregulation Nike has developed a Nike Hyperwarm Flexbaselayer for better athletes’ protection and comfort in challenging climates. According to the manufacturer, Nike Hyperwarm Flex is the warmest and most flexible Nike baselayer for athletes training and competing in cold climates. Regarding the athlete’s performance the company reports that the right baselayer, while largely unseen, is critical to an athlete's performance while training and competing. Mental acuity, muscle reactivity, flexibility, speed and agility are all negatively impacted if the athlete does not feel dry, warm and properly protected. Nike Hyperwarm Flex is a top-and-pant combination that uses the latest advancements in seamless knitting manufacturing technologies and advances in materials science to deliver baselayer protection. Both the Hyperwarm Flex pant and top feature breathable mesh and seamless knit engineering to achieve a purposeful combination of aesthetics and performance. Distinct knitted panels in areas requiring flexibility the shoulders, elbows and knees are said to provide superior articulation and unrestricted freedom of movement. Thermal mapping identified zones where warmth is critical, requiring a different knit density for optimal warmth. To guard against overheating or the chilling affect of sweat left unmanaged, special Dri-FIT Max fabric is positioned at key areas on the inside of the Hyperwarm Flex top and pant to wick moisture away and ensure athletes stay comfortable. Clariant’sExolit OP 560 confirmed as safer flame retardant for PU foam The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified Clariant’soligomericphosphonatepolyol (OPP) flame retardant Exolit OP 560 as a safer alternative to pentabromodiphenylether (pentaBDE), traditionally used for giving fire protection to foam. Exolit OP 560 is not only halogen-free but becomes an integral part of the PU foam, creating possibilities to produce flexible foams with locked-in fire protection without the environmental and health concerns of traditional flame retardants. Exolit OP 560 is a reactive flame retardant that eliminates unwanted emissions since it becomes chemically bonded within the polymeric polyurethane foam structure. As a result, the Exolit OP 560 cannot leave the foam during use. Exolit OP is also halogen-free, and is said to have a more favorable toxicological and environmental profile. It cannot bio accumulate in humans and other organisms since it is locked into the foam, the company reports. Further benefits for PU applications are said to include great ageing stability, as well as low smoke density and smoke gas corrosivity in case of a fire. The phosphonate’s high effectiveness and good compatibility with natural polymers allow it to be used at low dosages in the foam matrix, which also adds to the foam’s excellent sustainability profile. T-shirt for health and sports sectors premieres at Wearable Technologies Match2blue, a leading mobile technology developer has presented for the first time its innovative ambiotex prototype t-shirt for fitness, lifestyle and health sector. The shirt, which was developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS), measures vital parameters such as pulse rate, breathing, heart-rate variability (HRV), calorie consumption and physical activity in real time. By providing precise measurements of the user's heart-rate variability (HRV), breathing rate, performance and stress levels, ambiotex is said to help athletes to plan and optimise their daily training sessions and can also be used by people suffering from sleep disorders and other symptoms of stress. The readings which the shirt collects can be displayed in real time on a smartphone or tablet. The user-friendly presentation of the data permits an immediate analysis of current stress and fitness levels, the manufacturer reports. The shirt is close-fitting and can be worn comfortably under normal clothes, according to the company. Integrated sensors provide a precise ECG of cardiac activity and monitor the depth of breathing. A removable ‘tech unit’ in the chest area, which attaches magnetically to the outside of the shirt, transmits the readings directly to the ambiotex app on the user's smart phone. The app displays and analyses the data and, via GPS tracking, monitors physical activity and calorie consumption. US Kimberly-Clark Health Care launches AERO BLUE* surgical gowns The performance surgical gowns AERO BLUE* are lightweight, breathable fabric that provides four times more protection than traditional gowns, while providing users with unsurpassed comfort. AERO BLUE* features a proprietary fabric with innovative core technology, delivering the highest fluid protection available in a Level 3 surgical gown as defined by the AAMI the Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. The AAMI standards aid in the selection of appropriate protective apparel to keep healthcare workers and their patients safe from fluid exposure. AERO BLUE*’s new performance fabric has a protective inner core that prevents fluid penetration, even under extreme high pressure testing, while allowing moisture vapour to pass through the gown. Additionally, a highly breathable back panel maximises air flow for cool comfort. The fabric’s copolymer technology provides softness and a flexible fit, giving wearers full range of motion. The new product also provides greater resistance to lint and abrasion than other leading surgical gowns. In head-to-head fluid resistance tests with other competitive single-use surgical gowns currently available, AERO BLUE* delivered four times greater fluid protection than other non-reinforced gowns in the AAMI Level 3 category, and two times greater protection than fabric reinforced gowns. Ahlstrom introduces VaporCool dynamic SMS fabric for single-use scrubs Ahlstrom, a high performance fibre based materials company, has introduced Ahlstrom VaporCool, a soft Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond (SMS) fabric treated with adaptive technology to create a smart fabric designed for conversion into single-use surgical scrub suits. Ahlstrom VaporCool is a soft, textile-like, dynamic fabric that is said to offer outstanding comfort. Worn in direct contact with the skin, the fabric is designed to work as an extension of the wearer’s body helping to regulate their body temperature. When hot, the fabric boosts evaporation providing a cooling effect. When cool, the fabric holds in moisture acting as an insulating layer. VaporCool uses moisture management to offer enhanced comfort to surgical professionals. Working under bright lights and dressed in high-barrier surgical apparel, surgeons operate under intense pressure for hours. These conditions cause their body temperature to rise, increasing the production of sweat. Discomfort caused by feeling hot and sticky can quickly shake concentration and impair cognitive abilities. Ahlstrom VaporCool works with the body to relieve discomfort and improve concentration, the company reports. Lavalan wool wadding by Woolmark may provide alternative to synthetics In an effort to grow demand for Merino wool, The Woolmark Company has collaborated on developing an innovative new apparel wadding made from wool, marketed as Lavalan. Rather than being worn close to the skin as with most Merino wool apparel, Lavalan was designed as a natural, environmentally friendly alternative to the synthetic wadding normally used inside quilted garments. Made using 85% Merino wool, Lavalan is already being adopted by high-profile sporting manufacturers and fashion houses for use inside jackets, vests, gloves and pants, the company reports. The textile is washable to 60C and dimensionally stable to help avoid shrinkage and retain its shape when washed. The Woolmark Company’s Sports and Outdoorprogramme aims to position Merino wool as an established technical and high-performance fibre for sports/active apparel and to achieve a perception of Merino wool as being a technical, modern, comfortable and youngfibre. According to Woolmark, as awareness of Lavalan grows, it is becoming apparent to manufacturers that using the world’s finest wool inside a garment ultimately provides greater performance attributes than synthetics. Lavalan is also said to be well-placed to take advantage of increasing demand for more earth-friendly alternatives to traditional synthetic fillings. Bulwark adopts Mount Vernon new FR denim fabrics Mount Vernon FR, the flame resistant fabric division of Mount Vernon Mills, continues to expand its selection and variety of flame resistant (FR) denim fabrics with the introduction of Phoenix TC denim. Phoenix TC denim is a new Tencel and cotton blend, developed to enhance the softness and comfort of FR jeans without a trade-off in durability. Bulwark, a leading manufacturer of FR apparel, is adopting this new technology in upcoming denim jeans. Tencel is a cellulosic fibre like cotton, yet it is said to be the strongest cellulosic fibre available and is used to make fabrics softer and more comfortable without sacrificing performance. According to the manufacturer, despite the added strength, denim made with Tencel feels lighter than its true weight - the smooth surface of Tencel makes fabrics inherently softer and more comfortable without the reliance on chemical softeners, which may not be durable. Phoenix TC denim adds a greater level of comfort to the durability and protection that are expected in FR denim jeans, without having to make any tradeoffs. FR jeans made with Phoenix TC denim may well be the most comfortable pair of jeans workers will wear. Levi's introduces the revolutionary totally shaping jeans for women Under the motto “Be confident and Stylish”, Levi Strauss & Co. introduces the new fit platform Totally Shaping which redefines comfort and modern figure-flattering fits. The revolutionary Totally Shaping fabric instantly gives women’s bodies a lean appearance with a tummy slimming panel and 40 percent stretch ability, allowing for high stretch and automatic recovery, wearers will never have to worry about sagging or stretched out jeans again. Additionally, Totally Shaping bears stylish finishes like gold hardware, a gold back patch, and is available in numerous fits to please different tastes and figure types. Fits include: Totally Shaping Skinny, Totally Shaping Boot Cut, Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny, Totally Shaping Pull-on Boot Cut, Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny, Totally Shaping Pull-on Boot Cut and Totally Shaping Boot Cut and Pull-on Boot Cut in Plus Size. Shima Seiki presents latest knitting machinery at Advanced Textiles Expo Leading computerised knitting machine manufacturer Shima Seiki, displayed company’s latest technological contributions to the field of technical textiles. SRY123LP is Shima Seiki’s latest computerised knitting machine that features loop presser beds mounted atop conventional needle beds that provide improved control over pressdown of individual loops. This presents unprecedented capability especially with partial knitting patterns and inlay patterns. Inlay fabric is produced by inserting yarn into existing knit fabric in a weave fashion, opening opportunities for expansion into markets for wovens, the company reports. Inlay also suppresses typical stretch characteristics of knitted fabrics, and since new materials such as metallic and monofilament yarns can be used for inlay structures, new applications in industrial textiles are realized. Scott & Fyfe presents new Alphashield liner at No Dig Live exhibition Scott & Fyfe, a leading technical textiles company, showcases its latest development, the Alphashield liner. The Alphashield liner is a new innovation in seamless textile liners for the fast assistance of pipe rehabilitation systems. With a unique tubular knitted 100% glass structure, Alphashield is an extremely flexible product that is said to offer a perfect solution for the repair of defective pipes with multiple bends of up to 90, the company reports. As a virtually fold free product, Alphashield is designed to provide an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to time-consuming excavation works. Offered in sizes of DN50 to DN250, Alphashield can be used to restore most defective pipes. The 100% knitted glass structure provides additional reinforcement and can be provided in various thicknesses to suit your end application.


October 2014
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